Information Technology Services

Email FAQs

In order to access your email account, go to:


Password: It's your date of birth in a six digit format MMDDYY and the last four digits of your EMPLID. For example: If your date of birth is 01/06/86 and the last four digits of your EMPLID is 1234, then your password is 0106861234 ( no spaces OR dashes)

1.Click on the Settings icon

2. Click on Options

3. Click on change your password.

4. Under shortcuts to other things click on change your password.

5. Type your old password.

6. Type a new password.

7. Type the new password again to confirm it.

8. Click save.

1. Click on the Settings icon.

2. Click on Options

3. Under Shortcuts to other things click on Forward your e-mail to:

4. Scroll down to Forwarding and enter the email account to which your emails should be forwarded

5. Click on Start Forwarding. Make sure you leave a check mark on Keep a copy of forwarded.

6. clock on Save

To delete a message, select the message, and then do one of the following:

1. Click on X

2. Right-Click the message and then click Delete on the menu.

3. To delete an opened message, click Delete from More Actions .. icon on the toolbar.

1. Click on ‘Deleted Items'.

2. Select the email you want to recover.

3. Right-click on the the selected item and choose Move.

4. Select the folder you want to move the item to.

5. Click the Move button.

1. Under Incoming Mail Server Host Name, enter
Encryption method: SSL
Port: 995

2. Enter your student email username and your password.

3. Under Outgoing Mail Server Host Name, enter
Encryption method: SSL
Port: Default

Emails that were deleted less than a month may be recovered by clicking on the Trash folder, right-clicking on the email to be recovered and selecting Undelete. If already emptied, submit a Grouplink ticket and instructions will be emailed if emails are retrievable.

  • Cloud-based e-mail, productivity software and calendars powered by Microsoft Exchange Online
  • 1 TB of Storage Space per user via OneDrive
  • Office365 Cloud-Based Web Apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote)
  • Better Collaboration (Chat and Presence)
  • Improved Mobile Access – Support for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone
  • Keep your account even after you graduate
  • Mobile Device Access