Technology Services

Wireless for Faculty & Staff

CityTech offers both secured and unsecured wireless connectivity for use with mobile devices. Connection to the secured or unsecured wireless network requires authentication to verify affiliation with the College.

Network Name: CityTech Wifi
Security Key: (No Security Key necessary)
Network Name: NYCCT
Security Key: NewYorkCityCollegeOfTechnology

How to connect to City Tech Wifi

Faculty and staff must use their Network Login ID and Password as authentication.

Guests & Events

Scheduled Event with multiple guests

  • The event host should submit a OCIS ticket requesting guest wireless accounts for X number of individuals for a particular event. The authentication credentials can be emailed to the guests or can be provided to the host. Read more
  • If guests wish to connect to the secured wireless network, their device must adhere to the appropriate policy requirements. Read more
  • Guests can validate that their laptop is compliant to the necessary policies by visiting the following link:

Temporary visitors and guests

Individual guests and visitors should be directed to the appropriate location. Student guests and visitors should be directed to the Student Helpdesk or Library for obtaining on-the-spot wireless Guest credentials for accessing Library resources. Guests for Faculty and staff, Consultants and other constituents should be directed to the Administrative Helpdesk, located in N901. Faculty guests during non-business hours should visit the Student Helpdesk or the Library for on-the-spot wireless Guest credentials.

How to connect to City Tech and NYCCT Wifi