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Technology Services

Information for Faculty & Staff

Access & Connectivity

CUNYfirst is the comprehensive system that enables City University students, faculty and staff access to University information.
It allows faculty additional tools to enhance their interaction with students and allows staff access to processes that connect with finance, student administration and human resources functions necessary to conduct business. Once hiring paperwork is completed, Office of Instructional Staff Relations enter your information within the CUNYfirst system. Users will have basic access to the system unless otherwise requested by their Director or Provost Office for faculty. CUNYFirst Login

The CUNY Portal is a University website that allows access to all CUNY services, applications and more. Applications such as Blackboard must be accessed via the CUNY Portal. CUNY Portal Login

Blackboard is the Online Teaching tool for the College. Blackboard is accessible to faculty via the CUNY Portal. Learn more

All CityTech faculty and staff are assigned a Network Login ID which also serves as their e-mail Login ID. Requests for new Network Logins are submitted to OCIS by the Office of Faculty and Staff Relations only.

What is my Network Login ID?

Your Department Chair or Director will notify you of your Network credentials. Please visit the Administrative Helpdesk in N901 if you need assistance.

All faculty and staff are assigned a CityTech E-mail which is also the College Network Login.Web E-mail Login

System that allows all faculty and staff to submit requests for technical support from the Office of Computing Information Services. Although all users have access to submit tickets via this system, certain options are restricted to specific departments. GroupLink Login

System that allows specific users to submit work requests to the Facilties and Building and Grounds department. Not all users are assigned this ability. Please speak to your Department Chair/Director for authorization for access to the B&G system. B&G Login

Full time faculty & Staff who are assigned desk space are also assigned a telephone. Whether the telephone is shared by multiple faculty/staff members is at the discretion of the department.

Telephone Quick Guide

Voicemail Quick Guide

IP Phone Quick Reference Guide

The FRC is a computer lab specifically for faculty use. The lab was designed to provide computer facilities for faculty who do not have an assigned computer. The room is located in AG39.

New Faculty & Staff Handbook (pdf)

All full time faculty & Staff are assigned workstations. The College assigns standard desktops with a Windows Operating System. Other Operating Systems and non-standard desktop specifications must be authorized by the Vice President/Provost of the employee.

It is against campus policy to connect any server or network appliance to the college network without approval from the Office of Computing & Information Services. The College maintains network access control and therefore all devices connecting must be authorized. Please contact OCIS for details or submit a Grouplink ticket.

The College utilizes Dynamic Host Protocols for assigning IP Addresses. If you are looking to obtain a static IP or an external IP Address, please contact OCIS for details or submit a Grouplink ticket.

Exchange Email Access with Smart Phone/ Tablet

iOS Devices

Android Devices

IMAP: Set up email

Wireless Connection

The College offers both secured and unsecured wireless connectivity for use with mobile devices.

The Secured wireless network should be utilized when a secondary level of security is required in network communication. Access to College internal resources, such as servers and systems involving data, should be accessed through the secured network. All devices connecting to the secured network will be required to authenticate and adhere to device policies.
Read more

The Unsecured wireless network only allows Internet access. The connection is completely unsecured and should not be used for any activity that requires a heightened secured connection for communication. The City Tech wireless network is available to College and University students, faculty, staff and guests. Therefore, anyone connecting to the network must authenticate with a User Id and password. Read more

Smart Phones & Devices

College-issued smart phones & devices are obtained through the Office of Computing Information Services. Approval must be obtained from the Vice President of Finance & Administration. Upon Approval OCIS will obtain the model/type that was approved or the model/type that we are currently distributing to our users.

Institutional data and Assessment metrics can be found in the Assessment and Institutional Research website.

Certain reporting abilities and data are also available to you via the CUNYfirst system as well as OCIS. Please submit a GroupLink ticket for additional information and data gathering.

CUNYfirst provides users the ability to run canned reports that are available to all University users with the appropriate security roles. These reports were created across the University and may or may not suit your needs. In order to obtain access to these queries please contact your Vice President or the Provost Office.

The CUNYfirst Reporting Instance is a 24-hour old data repository, which is utilized by the University for query development. College’s can create on-demand queries and share such queries. City Tech queries are developed by the Office of Computing Information Services and the Registrar’s Office. For access to certain queries that have already been created or requesting the creation of a new query and the ability to run that query, requires CUNYfirst security modification. Please submit a GroupLink ticket to request your needs. OCIS staff will work with you to provide you details on what is required for you to be able to either run the query yourself or provide you a mechanism to obtain the data output through a different means.

  • Messages sent to ALL students must be approved by the Office of Enrollment Management.
  • Only designated users are permitted to send e-mail messages to ALL faculty & Staff. Please contact your Vice President or Provost for sending messages to all faculty & Staff.
  • Messages sent to a particular population of students can be sent through the Campaign Enterprise System. Read more

The College website is managed by the Office of Computing Information Services. Please submit a Grouplink ticket for any updates or content modifications on the College website. Contact the College Web Team.