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Technology Services

Media Services

Media Services provides a full range of audiovisual equipment support to classrooms, and to on-campus conferences and meetings.

All classrooms are equipped with a presentation system consisting of projector, Internet connected computer, DVD/VCR player, and an audio system. Where a need has been demonstrated, basic systems have been supplemented with document cameras, touchscreen technology, and/or High Definition displays. Most presentation systems can accommodate guest connections for user-owned equipment. Portable equipment can be ordered for transient use in the presentation rooms or in spaces not equipped. Media Services also provides training in the use of classroom presentation systems.

Media Services manages reservations of special use venues (not classrooms) for events of the College community (see procedure below) and for rentals to outside users.

  • Requests for AV equipment are received in Media Services, AG35 and may be submitted in person or via email to Phillip Li.
  • Requests should be submitted at least two working days in advance of intended use.
  • Equipment for use in the special use venues (N119, A632, AG30, AGL, etc.) will not be accepted until a valid room reservation has been processed.

  • If there are any concerns with media equipment in the classroom, please contact the Media Services department for prompt assistance.
    Media Services Helpdesk AG35 – 718-260-5900

Media Services welcomes recommendations for changes to the current structure of the presentation systems. Please send your suggestions via email to David Turkiew, Director, Media Services or arrange for an in-person meeting.

Special Use Venue Reservations

City Tech offers its facility for rental to qualified outside groups. Our most popular venues include the following:

  • Atrium Amphitheater - 150 seats, auditorium style with full presentation system
  • N119 - 74 seat capacity general purpose space, can be set up auditorium style or with table seating
  • Atrium ground floor lounge - an open area under our six-story glass atrium which can be set up for larger buffet, reception, exposition, or presentation - capacity is approximately 120 depending on setup
  • Namm Cafeteria - an enclosed, free-form space accommodating approximately 300 people, depending on setup.

Classrooms may be available as breakout rooms for larger session (depending on exact dates and times) however availability is extremely limited when classes are in session.

At present we do not have larger venues available, however when our new academic building opens in late 2017, we will have a 960 seat state of the art theater with large exposition lobby and reception garden, as well as other, smaller associated spaces.

City Tech is well served by public transportation including numerous bus and subway lines. There is no on-campus parking available, though there are on-street metered and private parking lot facilities nearby.

All rented spaces either have dedicated electronic presentation systems (projector and/or other display technology, Internet connected computer, DVD/VCR, and audio system) or can be equipped with portable equipment to fit your needs.

  • To determine availability and pricing please provide the following information via email to David Turkiew:
  • Name and nature of the organization making the request
  • Name and nature of the event
  • Number of participants expected
  • Date(s) and overall time(s) desired; venue desired if known (or specified generically - eg.: plenary space for 125 plus three breakout rooms; separate lunch space for 25 executive members)
  • Audiovisual support required in each venue desired

If we have suitable accommodations available you will receive a general quote approximating the costs based on your initial request, and an invitation to come and see the property. Final costs depend on actual venues, times booked, and additional services required.

Staff Directory

Media Services - AG35 - (718) 260-5140
Classroom HELP Hotline (718) 260-5900