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Request special use venues

Media Services manages use of spaces on campus (excluding classrooms) but including AG30 (the amphitheater), N119, Atrium ground floor lounge (AGL), Atrium first floor corridor, Atrium quadrangle (outdoor area), Namm Cafeteria, Namm first floor entry stairs landing (table area), Voorhees lobby, Voorhees second floor lounge and cafeteria, as well as corridor and other non-classroom spaces.

To make a reservation for a non-club event please follow the following procedure: (NOTE: All club events must be booked through the office of Student Life and Development)

  • Via email to David Turkiew, determine availability of the desired venue on the date and time desired. Be sure to take into account all setup, event, and cleanup time needed. Please also indicate the nature of the event, whether refreshments will be offered, and the number of participants you expect.
  • Your request will be evaluated against the current calendar and either confirmed as being available as requested, available with time adjustment, or not available. If the venue is not available as requested and enough information has been provided, an alternate venue may be suggested.
  • If available as requested or if the time adjustments are acceptable you may then submit a completed PN60, The PN60 should be returned to David Turkiew ATTACHED TO THE EMAIL IN WHICH AVAILABILITY WAS CONFIRMED. Until the PN60 has been received you do not have a reservation.
  • Generally events are confirmed as booked within 3 working days of receipt of a complete PN60.

Please keep in mind that Thursday club hours slots fill very quickly and are generally all scheduled by the second week of the semester. When possible schedule events outside of that time period.